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we rely on this guy!

Every tour is accompanied by an experienced Cuban motorcycle guide who rides lead up front, while Christopher will ride “sweep” at the rear.

Most tours operated by the companies listed on this website are led by Christopher’s friends Luis Enrique González or Anivar Hayes, who have responsibility for taking care of the motorcycle fleet.

A harlista–Cuba’s proud owners of pre-revolutionary Harley-Davidsons–Luis is an exceptional guide with an intimate knowledge of virtually every road in Cuba. Like his fellow harlistas, he’s also an astoundingly gifted and creative mechanic, capable of fixing virtually any mechanical problem. He’s also a raconteur and tremendous fun!

Likewise, Anivar has led dozens of group motorcycle tours around Cuba and is a whiz at diagnosing and fixing problems. His calm, amenable personality combines with professional training at the Edelweiss Tourguide Academy, in Austria. You could not be in more capable hands!

If Luis or Anivar are unavailable, we will work with one of their trusted associates


Anivar Hayes at Edelweiss Tour Guide Academy 2

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