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Forget everything you’ve heard about Cuba’s lousy dining and accommodation scene. That was a decade ago!

Havana especially is well into a gastro-revolution that makes dining in the capital city a sheer joy. Accomplished chefs and restaurateurs–many of them European or Latin American–have been opening stupendous restaurants worthy of international acclaim.

Christopher P. Baker is a renowned travel guidebook author with an intimate knowledge of the best places… including the most up-to-date gems. He incorporates the very finest dining experience into your itinerary, with meals at such acclaimed paladares (private restaurants) as La Guarida, Le Chansonnier, and Versus 1900, plus El Aljibe, the best state-run restaurant in town.



With the recent explosion in U.S. tourism to Cuba, the government (which runs ALL the hotels) has raised rates considerably. The very best hotels charge London or New York prices!

Nonetheless, as a guidebook author and Cuba expert Christopher knows the very best options that offer good value and comfortable accommodations without making the tours unreasonably costly… be it the 4-star Four Seasons by Sheraton or Hotel Habana Libre, in Havana, or a boutique hotel in the provinces.

An added highlight is that we always include at least two nights overnight with Cuban families at private B&Bs, known in Cuba as casas particulares.

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