why visit Cuba?

...because it's fantastic & now is the time!

It’s hard to explain just how fantastic an experience traveling through this oh-so-unique Caribbean island really is.
It simply has to be experienced…

The phenomenal architecture and ubiquitous classic American cars clattering down the road to the rhythm of the rhumba on the radio…

The ox-drawn ploughs and charming colonial cities casting you back even further in time…

The Revolutionary billboards of Che and Fidel and calls to socialist justice…

The music… everywhere sexy salsa and son!

The vibrant arts scene…

The smiling children… the heart-warming welcome… the feeling of being emotionally engaged to a degree unsurpassed anywhere else in the Americas.

And because finally… Christopher P Baker Ernesto Guevara's Harley-Davidson, Havana, Cuba,




Casa de la Trova music Holguin Cuba
Faustino Oramas ‘El Guayabero’ Osorio playing guitar at the Casa de la Trova, Holguín, Cuba
copyright Christopher P Baker


domino game Trinidad Cuba
Men playing dominoes in Trinidad, Cuba
copyright Christopher P Baker


School children Havana Cuba
Happy schoolchildren in Young Pioneer uniforms in primary school, Havana, Cuba
copyright Christopher P Baker


Old men rooster Trinidad Cuba
Three men with rooster pose for the camera in  in the colonial town of Trinidad, Cuba
copyright Christopher P Baker

Junta-te a
nossa nl

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